This conference relates to ENTER HUB, a project implemented in the framework of the URBACT II European programme (2012-2015). ENTER HUB is composed of a network of medium-sized cities promoting the role of railway hubs and multimodal interfaces of regional relevance. This project questions the role of High Speed Railway (HSR) hubs as turbines for integrated urban development and economic, social and cultural regeneration. Fitting into TENT-T corridors, ENTER HUB partner cities have in common to redefine their territorial systems, expecting that the implementation of such a hub will bring them closer to other European cities, narrow their citizens and enterprises to diverse regional and national activities, and strength connectivity from local to EU level. The project aims to help these cities to become more competitive by increasing their mobility systems. The ENTER HUB network is composed of 12 twelve cities belonging to nine different countries: Reggio Emilia (Italy), Lead Partner; IMPEFE – Ciudad Real (Spain); Creil Agglomeration (France); Gdynia (Poland); Girona (Spain); Łódź (Poland); Lugano (Switzerland); Örebro Region (Sweden); Porto (Portugal); Preston (UK); Rostock (Germany); Ulm (Germany).

Chaire Gares & Connections, SNCF, PUCA, 2016

Urbact City Festival, Riga, 2015

Colloque « High Speed Rail & the City, Université Paris Est, 2015

Global Urban Summit, Rotterdam, 2009